Thanks for visiting our new website. We’re proud that our Orange County chapter is the largest IPC Designers Council chapter in the country. We have a very active group of designers who faithfully attend our Lunch ‘n Learn events where we typically have 50-70 PCB designers come to hear outstanding speakers make educational presentations on a wide variety of PCB related topics. We also have occasional field trips and have toured Fab shops, Assembly facilities and a PCB Laminate manufacturing plant.

We hold our meetings in various locations in Orange County and are always looking for a local Electronics company with a meeting room large enough to hold 60-70 people who would host a meeting. If your company can help us out, we’d love to hear from you.

The IPC Designers Council is an international network of designers. Its mission is to promote printed board and printed board assembly design as a profession and to encourage, facilitate and promote the exchange of information and integration of new design concepts through communications, seminars, workshops and professional certification through a network of local chapters.

The IPC Designers Council was Established to encourage, facilitate, coordinate and promote the orderly interchange and integration of design concepts concerning printed board, printed board assembly, and related technologies through communication, seminars, workshops, local, national and international chapter programming and other means.

The Orange County Chapter promotes and disseminates information regarding current activities and new developments in design technology, and encourages and develops coordinated input and responses to existing and proposed design related standards and publications. This coordination includes, but is not limited to, the activities of government, industry, trade associations and special interest groups.

The OC IPC Designer Council, INC shall strive to achieve maximum industry awareness of design standardization issues in printed board, printed board assembly and related design technologies, and encourages and coordinates the compilation of design information including equipment, equipment capability (tools and technologies) and related information.

The IPC Designer Council increases industry awareness of the role that printed board designers play in the product development cycle and has established a formal structure and accreditation program to ensure designer competency and consistent implementation of design principles.

The IPC Designer Council shall facilitate the participation of suppliers and OEMs in the designer education and designer profile elevation process and work to stimulate communication among and between printed circuit board designers and others in related engineering disciplines.

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