Advanced PCB Design Conference
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3D for PCB Experts

Presentation Abstract

For about a decade, PCB designers have begun to look more earnestly at PCB design as a 3D problem. Boards and components have to fit, after all, into the final assembly. ECAD vendors have one by one seen the need and responded with various methods of interacting between PCB design and the mechanical world. Still many solutions leave questions in the minds of designers: What's the real benefit of modeling the PCB in 3D? Why should I care, shouldn't that be the MCAD designers problem? What's the best file format for working between MCAD and ECAD? Why shouldn't we just stick with IDF? What information is actually accessible in the MCAD system once the data is transferred? How can we get the board right the first time from 3D mechanical data?

In this presentation, these topics and questions will be explored in an effort to highlight pros and cons of different approaches, regardless of what CAD software is in use. Some methods for collaboration and collision avoidance will be presented throughout.

Speaker Bio
Ben Jordan

Ben is a Computer Systems and PCB Engineer with 25+ years of experience in PCB, embedded systems, and FPGA design, having picked up his first soldering iron at 8 years of age, and hand-etching his own PCBs at 12. He started out at Altium as a senior applications engineer in 2004, traversing roles since as Field Applications Engineer, Tech Support Manager (USA), Product Marketing, and CircuitMaker evangelist before arriving at his current station as Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Altium Designer. He is an avid tinkerer and is passionate about the creation of electronic devices of all kinds. Ben holds a Bachelor of Engineering (CompSysEng) with First Class Honors from the University of Southern Queensland.