Advanced PCB Design Conference
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Design For Test

Presentation Abstract

Speaker Bio
Louis Y. Ungar
Advanced Test Engineering Solutions

Mr. Ungar enjoys a well-known reputation in the electronics testing profession. He has built, programmed, and selected Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for a large number of clients both in the commercial and military community. Having introduced the first university course on ATE and Design for Testability (DFT) at UCLA, he has taught similar courses to companies around the world.
He led the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Testability Committee to publish the SMTA Testability Guidelines from 2002 with the most recent 2014 SMTA Testability Guidelines. He has been involved with the IEEE standards committee for several DFT standards, including the IEEE-1149.1, the 1149.4 and the 1687 and has been honored as a life-time member of the
American Society of Test Engineers and is the Tutorial Chair of the IEEE AutoTestCon. He is involved with the IPC-2231 standard for DFX, where X is substituted for Testability, Reliability, Manufacturability, etc. He is also the co-author of a technical paper on False Alarms and No Fault Found that won the Best Management Paper award at AutoTestCon 2015. Mr. Ungar completed courses towards a MA in Management and holds a BS degree in Electronics Engineering and Computer Sciences from UCLA. He continues teaching DFT and BIST courses at conferences, at companies and at public forums around the world.