Advanced PCB Design Conference
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Ten Best Design Practices for High Speed Boards

Presentation Abstract

Interconnects are no longer transparent. Signal integrity is about how the physical design of your interconnects affects the electrical performance. If you don’t pay attention to SI. PI and EMC problems at the beginning of your design, and design them out, your product will not work. There are many more than 10 important design guidelines for high-speed board design, but in this presentation, we’ll highlight ten of the most important ones that will help you avoid problems in your board. We will cover bus routing, terminations, vias, via to via cross talk, PDN design, capacitor selection, return path engineering, differential pair design and more. Bring your pressing design questions for the Q&A.

Speaker Bio
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Dean, Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy
Adjunct Prof, Univ of Colorado, Boulder